.boot / .altboot partitions

I have a x86 SBC [2G Flash Drive + Network + Serial] - no graphics support.
I am attempting to build an image (QNX 6.2.1) for this SBC. I have no previous QNX experience. If anyone (who understands QNX) can act like a sounding board - I would really appreciate. As I have done before - I will post the results.

I have a full install of 6.2.1 PE on the Flash Drive. “.boot” takes me to this. I copy the test image that I build to /.altboot. Is this a good approach? - I feel I should create a new partition for /.altboot and use it for testing otherwise my /.altboot will be using the files meant for .boot. Am I correct? If I am missing anything please let me know.

Thank you


Those two articles talk about the buildfile in details. Worth reading for someone new:
qnx.com/developers/articles/ … 310_3.html
qnx.com/developers/articles/ … 311_3.html

you can use .altboot, that’s fine. or if you have more boot images to test, you might want to consider using grub boot loader and the “loadifs” tools. Search this forum for details.

Thank you for your suggestions