Can't find driver

Can anyone tell me where I can find the “” driver for Intel Gigabit Ethernet? The documentation explains it, but it’s not in the “dll” directory. I have QNX 6.2.1.


Isn’t it there? I used the ‘find’ utility, and the was found at:
I took a look at those folders and the file was really there, and at least in the two last ones it was not a link but a real file.

I did a find too, but absolutely nothing shows up. I also made a fresh install. Even more, the release notes talks about the driver “”, which does not exist. Do we have to make a special installation for drivers, or they are all installed by default?

I see that you have the professional edition (“os-pe”). Does it come with more drivers than the standard edition? I can’t believe this, but…

The drivers installed on my system are:


I have started QNX with the CD and the driver you need does not appear. So it’s possible it’s just included in the pe. Have you done the full installation? Maybe you could try with 6.3.0

De nada :- >>

I checked on version 6.3 and the driver is there. It seems compatible with 6.2.1. I’ll check with the technical support anyway, since I have paid for the driver…