When I open my project by PHAB,the PHAB tells me:
“AB:allocation error (not enough memory)(resource_add)” and exit,
now I can’t edit my project,How to deal with the porblem,please help me!!

What is the output from “pidin in” before you run phab?

the output is:“CPU:X86 PROCESSSORS:1 FREEMEM:96MB/127MB BOOTIME:… PROCESSSOR1:686 PENTIUM II stepping 2 351Mhz FPU”

I have found the problem,When I load one of my dialog widget,The monitor of system show me that the memory is almost all be occupied,but I don’t know the reason,the possible reason is the phab
exit suddenly when I edit the dialog,now I have to delete the dialog widget and restart the job that I have finished,oh my god!