Bus determination from sysinit

Does anyone know how to determine if your system has a PCI or ISA bus while executing the sysinit file or a script file?

If that is not possible, then what is the recommended way to determine the bus during normal execution using QNX 4.25?


Hum, Im not sure thats easely achievable. See most chipset have both buses, depending on hardware they may or may not physicaly exists. Even if you use a setup which has only ISA is very likely that the motherboard uses PCI internaly.

You can check for the presence of a PCI bios (check CA_PCI* functions) , if its not there at least you are sure there is not PCI bus, but aside from that Im out of suggestions.

I think ‘sin info’ under ‘machine’ has the bus type…

Well that doesn’t mean the bus is physicaly present.