Development Tools Install Error

I installed QNX Neutrino 6.2 NC fine, but once I get into the GUI, it asks
to install the Momentics development tools for x86, which I of course want to
do. During the Momentics install process, I got errors like this:

No elements found in XML file.
/fs/cd0/repository/repository.qrm (line 1, column 0)

That xml file looks fairly normal to me, when viewing it in a text editor.

Someone else is also seeing this, but found no solutions:

After the install failed, the Momentics package is displayed as
“deactivated” in the Installer’s “My Installed Software” view. When burning
my CD, I verified the md5sum matched, so my CD most likely not corrupt, though
I guess it is possible that my CD burner or CD drive are at fault somehow.