QNX 6.2 Boot problem

I have installed QNX 6.1.0 from Tucows, and everything went ok, I have
modified my Grub configuration to boot QNX - and it was booting all right.
But I thought, that 6.2 is better choice, because it si more more up to
date. After instalation of 6.2 on separate disk, grub is starting to boot ,
it is displaying : Press escape for .altboot… - and nothing happens.
Pressing escape does nothing. But, booting from CD and then choosing : Boot
QNX from hard drive works. I can access my QNX instalation using CD, but i
kinda dont like this method. What can I do to boot QNX from grub?

my entry of qnx in grub looks:

rootnoverify (hd1,0)
chainloader +1

We have a flash disk and hard drive fitted to our system.

After power-up the BIOS scans and finds the hard drive and then boots from
Flash (all is OK
so far). QNX starts from flash and then says SCANNING for EIDE ----
After which it never returns.

Any ideas ?

With the hard disk removed everything starts up OK .