How do I generate a calib.localhost file?


I want to run Photon on my Total5200 with QNX 6.3. To install the
touchscreen driver I need a calib.localhost file. But if I try to generate
the calib.localhost file following happens:

Photon -v

Photon: server running.

calib &

[1] 143372

Photon: Photon Open (phid=2)

Emit event: 1000, 4
Emit event: 40000, 4
Emit event: 40000, 2
Emit event: 1000, 4
Photon: CalculateVisibleTile called with invalid input_group
Emit event: 1000, 4
Emit event: 80, 0
Emit event: 10000, 0
Emit event: 10000, 0
Emit event: 10000, 0
Emit event: 80, 0
Emit event: 10000, 0
Emit event: 10000, 0
Emit event: 80, 0
Emit event: 10000, 0
Emit event: 10000, 0

If I try to start the touch-screen driver following happens:

devi-mpc5200 spi

Error: No such file or directory - cannot open calibration file for
absolute filter module(/etc/system/trap/calib.localhost)

Error: unable to find a graphics region

Error: cannot connect to Photon device

The 1. Error is clear, I need the calib.localhost file, but what mean the
next two errors?

What did I wrong?


calib.localhost file is created by the “calib” utility. Check calib document for details.
Shouldn’t you start the photon using “ph” instead of “Photon -v” ?

I think on the total5200 I have to use Photon instead of ph. That’s an abstract of the Documentation:

Did you actually get the Photon running? You are in GUI or still on the text console?
You need to make sure Photon is running correctly first. … embed.html

I assume you have run the inputtrap and got the /etc/config/trap/input.X file? quote from the calib doc:

Sounds like your Photon is not running properly. You need to read the doc.

Even without the calib.localhost, your touch-screen driver should still run fine. You can later run the “calib” to calibrate it. calib will create the calib.$HOSTNAME and a restart of the touch-screen driver will pick it up.

Hi I’m still on the text console over serial connection. What do you mean with inputtrap?
How can I test if my Photon is runnin properly?

text console over serial connection? My understanding is Photon requires a graphics card and probably won’t work over serial.

On the Total5200 I have a touch-screen, but to communicate with the Total5200, I have a text console over serial connectin.