QNX 6.1 - /armle, /x86, /shle etc. group name and permission


I have noticed a peculiar problem while configuring QNX 6.1.
System: Win-NT 4.0, 128MB RAM, FAT32 partition.

First installation: Went smooth and I could see the following
/armle root adm drwxrwxr-x

Second installation: Uninstalled QNX and re-installed again. This time I faced serious problems. The group of /armle directory got changed to “bin”. And all successive installation were doing the same thing.
/armle root bin drwxr-xr-x

After about 7 installation, I was able to get the right group for /armle.

Also, “chown”, “chgrp” and “chmod” do not work on the folders that fall under “adm” or “bin” group.

In one of the installation, I also faced this problem. Even though /armle, /x86 and /shle had drwxrwxr-x permissions, “root” user was also denied for writing into these folders. By doing some trial and error methods, I did the following and it worked,

#cd /armle
#touch test
test: No such file or directory
#cd /armle/bin
#cp du …
cp: Can’t open destination file. (…//du): No such file or directory
#cp du du_old
#rm du_old
#cp du …
#touch test

This works!!!

Can anybody share their experiences. It would be greatly appreciated.