Graphics board support unchanged in 6.2.1NC?

[Repost - attached to irrelevant message in other thread by mistake.]

Is anything new supported? I don’t see anything in
the release notes.

I’d like to see more support for the graphics controllers
being embedded in generic board chipsets. We have several
Shuttle boxes with Savage8 type graphics in the VIA
chips on the motherboard. QNX supports the Savage S4
and the Savage 2000 (both obsolete), but not the
Savage8. (QNX will run the S8 in VESA mode, but the
display scrolls at about 2 lines per second.)

Since NVidia NForce-based motherboards won’t
work with QNX (I know, it’s NVidia, not QNX),
QNX should support VIA. VIA offers
open-source Linux drivers and doesn’t make a
secret of their register-level API. They
have a big fraction of the integrated
chipset market, and claim to supply 7 of the
10 top laptop vendors.

Please, at least support most of the current products of the
big names like Dell and Via.

John Nagle
Team Overbot