problem for SCSI card and magnetic tape machine, thanks

hello, all
In my system, we need to backup data to magnetic tape. we installed a SCSI
card (symbios Logic 8100s PCI SCSI adapter) and a tape machine (HP-c1537A).
when booting ,the QNX found the SCSI card and scan the SCSI devices . after
entering the QNX, there is a process of devb-ncr8, but we can’t find the
device node-file to manipulate the tape in the /dev. In the /dev there are
only IDE hard disk portions name (hd0, hd0t11, hd0t12, hd0t13,hd0t79). we
killed the process of devb-ncr8 and run the #devb-ncr8 again,then the
process devb-ncr8 can display the information of SCSI card and the tape

In QNX, If the way to read/write tape is to read/write a device node-name in
/dev ? (I think the SCSI driver should create a node file in /dev as a raw
block device and we read/write tape is through the
devicefilereading/writing. I don’t know if my ideal is wrong. ) who can help
me and tell me how to read/write SCSI tape machine in QNX, and how to solve
the above problem .

think your very much.

Chen Zhengmao