XPhoton keyboard problem

Hi !
Hope I’m not posting in the wrong place here and that I haven’t missed
an answer already posted to this question.

I’m quite new to QNX 6.2. Installed ddd, emacs and some other X based
apps. Problem is that I have no idea what keyboard is in use. In Photon,
I use a Swedish layout wich works really well, but the one supplied when
XPhoton is started is unknown to me. I thought it would be a US keyboard
setup but it’s not.

I’ve tried playing around with the ‘-xkbdb’ and '-xkbmap’parameters but
all it says is ‘Error opening keymap file XX, reverting to defaults’

Please help me get this fixed. Currently the debugger and Emacs are
useless to me :frowning:

Joachim Holst