problems with installing from cd

I have a normal Pentium 200MHz, 98 M/1,8G machine on which I’m trying to
install the 6.2.1a QNX RTP using the bootable CD. However, Every time I
get the error message:

DINIT: can’t open drive ‘/dev/hd0t79’: No such file or directory
/qnxbase/safe-config/x86/bin/dinit -hq /dev/hd0t79 : failed (12292 256)

Partition installation aborted!

The hard disk doesn’t have any other partitions and I have tried the install
on another HD, and tweak the bios settings but the error remains. If I try
to install DOS it works fine, so I don’t think that there’s anything wrong
with the HD. Could anyone help me with this?