install on VAIO laptop without floppy but external PCMCIA CD


  1. I cannot install QNX 621 on my Sony Vaio laptop (pcg sr1k). after a few
    steps I get the following message

Restarting driver and mounting filesystems…
Unable to mount /dev/cd0 as /cd

PArtition installation aborted

sometime I get the message (after more tries)

Please enter the filesystem you would like to install QNX from

F1 hd017 (or sthg. like that … screeen is gone)

F2 hd07 (or sthg. like that … screeen is gone)

but nothing for the CDROM!!!

2. It is not possible to boot from the CDROM… Error message is: cannot
mount any QNX file system

  1. For similar problem, when I tried to install linux, I could not boot from
    CD. I found a solution on the web where I had to change the IO of my CDROM.
    And after that it worked!!!

  2. on the first partition (8GB) I have Windows XP, I would like to install
    QNX on the second one (2GB)

PLS. PLS. PLS. help me… :slight_smile:

the hungarian Mike from Germany