Flash chip supported by devf-generic

How can I now which flash chips are supported by the devf-generic driver?

I’m using an Intel 28F640J3 (8MByte) with a powerpc (MPC8540). I start the driver with the following command:

[code]# devf-generic -s0xFF800000,8M -vvv
trying device width = 1

devf: bus width = 8
devf: trying chip inter = 8
devf: bus width = 4
devf: trying chip inter = 4
devf: bus width = 2
devf: trying chip inter = 2
devf: bus width = 1
devf: trying chip inter = 1
devf: chip total = 1
devf: bus width = 1
devf: chip interleave = 1
devf: fs0 array CFI U: 40 S: 020000
devf: fs0p0 raw U: 40
The driver detects a 8bit bus but it’s actually a 16bit one.
The problem comes when I want to format the partition:

[code]# flashctl -p /dev/fs0 -l1M -ve
Erasing device /dev/fs0

devf: fs0p0 raw U: 40

flashctl -p /dev/fs0p0 -l1M -vf

Formatting device /dev/fs0p0
devf: over poll waiting for buffered write completion in f3s_iCFI_write()
devf: fs0p0 bad H[00] P[00] # 000010 (3)
DCMD_F3S_FORMAT failed (errno 5)
flashctl: format failed

devf-generic -l give the list of the supported flash chips