'link: Not supported' error

I’d like to use a ram disk for my spool directory - as specified in
printcap file by the sd=

I’ve found that I always get an error if I try this.
Similarly I specify a directory that is a link I get the same error.


  1. Create a directory /ram/spool/printers/josa_ps
    devf-ram -s 0, 16M

  2. printcap entry
    1|josa_ps|Postscript printer in lab josa


  1. lpd -l &

  2. spooler -d /dev/null -c /etc/josa_ps.cfg -s /ram/spool/printers

  3. Print a file to josa-ps printer

  4. The spooler shows the following error after completing the Spawn
    link: Not supported

If I modify the printcap file to use sd=/var/spool/printers/josa_ps
Where /var is part of the flash filesystem, then it works fine.