qnet problems

I have three cpu running qrtp

SERVEUR_QNX is running full tcp/ip stack but my problem doesn’t depend
on the stack.
val_22084 and val_22089 are running tiny tcp/ip stack.
on all of these I mount -T io-net /lib/dll/npm-qnet.so

if I ls /net on SERVEUR_QNX I see

if I ls /net on val_22084 I see
val_22084 val_22089

if I ls /net on val_22089 I see
SERVEUR_QNX val_22084 val_22089

where this problem comes from ?

val_22084 and val_22089 are configured via phlip in manual mode

for SERVEUR_QNX, it seems that slaying io-net to restart it by io-net
-del900 -ptcpip prevent it to use informations recorded by phlip - why?

so I use

/usr/bin/ifconfig en0
/usr/bin/route add default
mount -T io-net /lib/dll/npm-qnet.so

I remember having seen that distant machine names were followed by
…icbt.com which is my domain name, but I don’t remember how I got it.

I made a test on val_22089 when I was writing this message:
I used phlip to check the configuration and I saw that this machine
didn’t have the default gateway configured.
I setted it.
after that, ls /net gave me
val_22084 val_22089

so, SERVEUR_QNX desappeared.

I tried to remove the gateway, same.

I decided to reboot
after a mount -T io-net /lib/dll/npm-qnet.so

ls was good.
I made the test again with phlip but without problem that time. Strange!