I am currently on an oil rig being towed from the south Cina Sea to the Gulf of Mexico. Our Blow out preventer software is unning on QNX4. I have recently purchased five Panasonic toughbook t-29’s one of them specifically for a test P.C. for the Mux system for our Blow out preventer. The current test p.c. is a dell which is not made for the conditions that this pc will be used in. What is the easiest way to transfer the software, Keeping in mind I am out on a rig in the middle of the ocean.operating, id there a way of Ghosting this? . Is Qnx 6 comaptable with 4? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

QNX 6 is not compatible with 4, i.e. exceutable made for QNX 4 will not run on QNX6. However if you have the source for the software, you may be able to port it to 6 easily…

disk copy has been discussed in the following thread:

Yikes ! talk about trial by fire. A “rookie” porting safety critical QNX 4 code to QNX 6 on a laptop while rounding the cape horn on an oil platform.