QNX job at Johns Hopkins University (Baltimore MD)

Sorry, if this isn’t the best group to post this. I am leaving my job
where I worked as a programmer at a research lab at Johns Hopkins
University. If you are looking for a job please check the below job
posting and if interested apply through the jhu.edu site:


In addition to that job description (which may be a little bit outdated
at some points), here is a supplemental unofficial one to give a
better idea about the position:

Must have experience with object oriented design and use C++ where this
methodology is fully employed. Must be able to write real-time
multi-threaded programs. Must understand how to integrate and control
hardware like stepper motors, servo motors, optical encoders, load
cells with computer systems.
Must have QNX or alternatively Unix or Linux plus another real-time
operating systems experience. Must be able to write data analysis
programs using platforms like Matlab. Must have an understanding of and
some experience with SQL based databases like Paradox or Access. Must
be able to install and maintain Windows based computers. Understanding
of the fundamentals of neurophysiological and psychophysical
experimentation would be helpful. Having worked in an academic research
environment and having additional skills listed below would be a big

Additional desired skills:

  • Low level hardware-software interaction (i.e. PCI card drivers,
    interrupt service routines)
  • GUI Programming (GUI complex enough to be a seperate module. QNX
    Photon experience most prefered)
  • Linux administration
  • GNU compilers and Makefile
  • Shell scripting
  • Script languages (PHP, Perl)
  • Other object-oriented languages, Design Patterns
  • TCP/IP and socket programming
  • XML used for data collection and/or analysis
  • Graphics Design Programs (i.e Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator)