problem with cronjob(Neutrino 2.0)

I’ve been testing cron on my machine for a couple of days, leaving it run
overnight & things like that. I’ve included a ‘touch’ command in the cronjob
that will touch a file at 3am and it seems that the command was not
There is also a script checking for the existence of Photon environment
that is to be run by the cron every 5 mins, initally it worked fine and
Photon is restarted when I exits to console. However, after around an hour
or so, nothing happens when I exits to console… I waited for 10mins & it
seems that the script is not being executed coz once I restart my cron
server or rerun the crontab command, everything’s back to normal again.

Is there something wrong with cron? It couldnt be the script coz it’s
running correctly when cron is just started.

Also, I found out that ‘sin’ command cannot be executed by cron, only ‘ps’