DHCP clients - how do I get address of other clients on loca

I think that this has been discussed a bit, but I never saw any resolution.

I have a collection on QNX4, RTP, MAC and MS boxes on a local net with a MacSense cable router as the DHCP server for the net. How do I configure the system so that my local clients can access eachother via hostname? The MS boxes seem to do OK, and can also find any SAMBA server, but I haven’t been able to get the QNX boxes to do so - although the RTP boxed do see eachother in the /net directory when qnet is turned on.

When I look at phlip, I see that the RTP clients have correctly gathered their gateway and remote nameserver addresses (I’m using @home here the remote stuff works great).

What if anything should go in the phlip Devices/Server: field?

/etc/hosts can’t be used since the DHCP server isn’t consistant with assigning IP addresses.

I have an Intel dial-up box which provides local nameserver info - unfortunantly the cable routers don’t seem to do this.


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