I can get netmgr_ndtostr to work and it prints the name of the node out,
but netmgr_strtond fails “Not enough memory” though I am sure there is
enough memory. Even if I send it the string from netmgr_ndtostr.

I am working around this by assuming that the other node is 1, but that
won’t work forever :slight_smile:

code segment is :

char respath[50];

strncpy(respath, “/fs/Mercury/mrmc/zeus”, sizeof(respath));

node = netmgr_ndtostr(respath, NULL);
if (node == -1)
perror(“Finding node failed”);

Other machine is called Mercury and I can ping it etc etc. The actual
path I am sending is a file on that machine, but from the docs, this
should work.

BTW: I am using the QNX 2000 Attendance version of the RTP until the
newest one supports SCSI !

Simon Wakley
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