How to config QNX host to use rlogin()

I can set the QNET for my two QNX machinces. so

I would like to config QNX host for use rlogin() so
How to config QNX host
and for rlogin() Please shows some example to command it ?

  1. Can I connect or access a QNX with MS windows XP via CAT 5 link ?

If yes, How to ?


as for 2) :
search this site for “samba”.
some of the listed 57 articles are kind of tutorial.

there is a good article at : … ?code=9292
too, but mind it is for QNX v4.xx - still most of it applies to QNX v6.x.x too. I think SAMBA is included in the QNX v6 CD, or in the third party CD. search both of them for it.

make sure both machines can ping each other.

regards Helge

with SAMBA you can browse your QNX directories, files … delete, copy … them as with your WIN EXPLORER.

if you are just in getting or putting some files from or to the QNX machine, maybe ftp will do faster. I do not talk about transmission speed, but about setting SAMBA up.

sorry I forgot !
regards Helge