dinit -O to floppy?

I am currently trying to get Neutrino running
on an RTD PC-104 card.

In making a boot floppy for this system, I find
that for both QNX 4 (which I have gotten to work)
and Neutrino (with which I am just now starting)
that I MUST using the -O (capital oh) option on
dinit, or else be faced with an endless series
of dots when the loads starts.

Also, I have not found the same caveats in
the Neutrino literature about maximum floppy
image size that I have in the QNX documentation.

  1. Does anyone know why the -O (for old loader,
    I think) MUST be used for this device?

  2. Does the same image size limit apply for
    Neutrino boot floppies as for QNX?

Thank you.


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