Several problems porting Xerces-C

For some project we need a port from the Xerces-C project, a validating XML
parser form Apache, which compiles and works fine under Linux.
The first problem we discovered was, that some wide character functions are
missing. They will be availabe with the Dinkum Libraries. Can somebody tell
me, when they are coming?
As we tried out the sample code, a memory fault was reported, so we decided
to put the debug option on. Now we discoverd, that g++ produces an internal
compiler error in dwarfout.c, whatever it might be (sorry, being new here).
Searching the web, produced similar reports.
Does somebody know any workarounds or are there any alternative compilers or
did somebody even port Xerces-C to neutrino succesfully?

Han Lemstra
Ideasoft AG, Hechingen, Germany