Qnet across subnets ???

I have two QNX 6 subnets. Both netmask of . All hosts are
in DNS with the same domain name.

I start up Qnet in /etc/rc.d/rc.local with the following line.

mount -Tio-net -o"verbose,host=hostname,

That works fine for each subnet to see all the Qnet hosts on that
subnet. But is it possible and if so how do I get the hosts to
see each other via Qnet across the 2 subnets. TCP/IP works fine.

I tried doing “ls /net/HostnameOnDifferentSubnet” or ls
“/net/IpAddressOnDifferentSubnet” and “ls /net/FullDNSname”
all of those fail with “ls: No route to host”. When I use the ip
address I get a phantom listing in /net with the ip address
but it doesn’t work.

Any ideas or is this not supported yet.