pixelview tv capture card.

Hi all, I’m using qnx-6.2.1-nc for my non-commercial AGV project. I have to interface camera. I wanted to know doest this qnx version support pixelview or wayjet tv capture cards. or if anyone knows about any usb based camera that qnx-6.2.1-nc support please tell me.
Thanx in advance.

ummm…while i am not sure abotu this at all i dont believe it does.

If you need to do camera stuff in a non commercial environment I would suggest you use a different OS. Not that it’s not possible, but it’s definitely not an out-of-the box experience. As for USB based camera, forget it. QNX since 6.0 has a frame work for grabber and tv stuff, but it’s never been made public or officialise, plus there is no doc. You could probably get the info if you are commercial customer, but non commercial may prove a bit more challenging.

I vaguely remember something about for Bt8?? chip set, don’t remember the details though. Sorry

hya mate,

Do a google search on bt878 or bt848 and you will endup with a ancient bttvx attempt and a BT8x8 C++ implementation for framegrabbers.

I stumbled on: cs.fiu.edu/~jstric01/QNX_Driver.htm

If you want to do serious framegrabbing, visit www.arvoo.nl

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Thanx a lot, BT8x8 seems to be helpful. I’m making feasibility of different OS and trying to up a customized QNX system.