basic problem, pointing to device data

I’m in the process of writing/porting a Linux bus interface device driver to QNX6. I am new to QNX but understand the concept of the resource manager (RM). To my quetion then, in the linux driver source i have the following line:

/* use file->private_data to point to the device data */
file->private_data = s;

Which as i have understood makes it possible for “s” to be used throughout the driver module. What i want to know is how to implement this in the best way in QNX under my io_open() function handler. I saw something about using the OCB structure and IOV but not sure if this if correct. Please any help is welcome, thanks.


Yes - you will and to extend the OCB. You might want to checkout RK’s book on Neutrino. It has some good information on doing resource managers.