newbie AMD vs gcc


I am writing IPL and startup for an AMD x486-style processor,
and have a rather basic question:

To get my system running, I have been and am adapting source
supplied by QSSL for the AMD SC400 evaluation board.
(I am also using an AMD processor, but not that

I notice that the assembly mnemonics listed in
the AMD uProc Software User’s Manual appear
to have a different set of conventions for
the mov command (for example) than does the
assembler code in the QSSL source. I believe
the QSSL source implies a “mov src–>destination”
format (correct me if I am wrong), while the assembler
code in the aformentioned manual uses a “mov destination<–src”

Do you have a feel for what the gnu assembler supplied
by QNX with the QNX4.x Neutrino development suite
needs to see?

Thank you!


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