QCP mass up /dev/serX


QCP is changing the parameter from /dev/serX, but the new
parameter does not make sense.

Version of qcp:
/usr/bin/qcp from 13.10.2000 07:29
— Information from /dev/pkginfo21 —
Localpath: [/usr/bin/qcp]
Fullpath: [/pkgs/repository/qnx/os/core-2.1.1/x86/usr/bin/qcp]
Repository: [/pkgs/repository]
Vendor: [qnx/os/core-2.1.1]
Tree: [x86/usr/bin/qcp]

Before I start qcp:
Name: /dev/ser2
Type: serial
Opens: 1
+raw +echoe +echoke +echoctl +imaxbel +onlcr
+ihflow +ohflow
intr=^C quit=^\ erase=^? kill=^U eof=^D start=^Q stop=^S susp=^Z
lnext=^V min=01 time=00 pr1=^[ pr2=5B left=44 right=43 up=41
down=42 ins=40 del=50 home=48 end=59
par=none bits=8 stopb=1 baud=57600 rows=0,0

Executing command:
qcp /dev/ser2 RE

After I stop qcp:
Name: /dev/ser2
Type: serial
Opens: 2
+raw -hupcl -cread +parmrk +inlcr +icrnl +imaxbel +onlcr
start=68 stop=8C susp=32 dsusp=B0 reprint=80 discard=^A min=01 time=00
par=none bits=5 stopb=1 baud=134511562 rows=0,0

Thank you very much in advance.

Bye Sascha( sascha@bitctrl.de )

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