LCD/ touch screen combination

Does anyone know of a good LCD/touch screen combination for an automotive application (in vehicle) ?

I need something with a VGA input that’s about 7 or 8 inches diagonal, either serial or USB.

I have a nice unit from Xenarc, but they do not have QNX drivers.


So… I’m the only one that needs a small LCD/touch screen for QNX?

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If you like the Xenarc, then why not get the technical specs from them and write your own driver ? I assume by “driver” you refer to the touch screen ? (get the input ddk from QNX).


I have the linux drivers. How hard would it be to port them to QNX?

I don’t really know anything about writing drivers for either, I’d just like a small LCD/Touch screen that works with QNX.

Thanks for your reply,