io-net call


I’m using an AMP Tiny786LP computer with an on-board Realtek RTL8139C
10/100 Mb ethernet adapter chip to access the network. The drivers for
this chip are in /lib/dll, and I have directed QNX to use them via an
“io-net” call.

However, I can only access the network when I run my ethernet line
through a 10 Mb hub. The direct line (not run through the
hub) otherwise would suport 100 Mb operation. I’d rather not run
through the hub, so I tried:
io-net -drtl -pttcpip duplex=0, speed=10
and connected directly to the ethernet line. (I chose half-mode at 10
Mb because this mode/speed enabled me to access the network without a
hub in the Windows98SE OS.)

This still does not permit internet access. Have I made the io-net call
correctly? Can anyone provide an alternative diagnosis?