QNX on I-opener

I’ve read that the Netpliance I-opener had a QNX
operating system in its FLASH disk system ( SANDISK ).

I have a couple of the i-openers and I’m interested in
installing either QNX RTP on them or the 1 floppy QNX 4
demo disk.

Has anyone done this kind of thing? I realize that since I
have a later model, I can no longer access a QNX login on the i-opener
without some trouble.

However, I’m willing to add a hard drive to boot from and
save the flash disk contents to other storage, then doctor
it up and restore the altered QNX image.

My interest is not so much in hacking the i-opener ( that fad is over )
but in exploring embedded systems with QNX.

Thanks, Clarence


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