100baseT cards for QNX 4

I’m looking to find some 100baseT network cards for our QNX network. We are running QNX4 to support a legacy system and this is likely our last hardware upgrade ever until it is fully replaced.

I need to know which cards are the best choice for our system, which means which ones are still manufactured, support QNX4, and can boot remotely, either through netboot (via boot ROM) or through bootp.

Thnx in advance,


We are using Intel 82557 based card. Works fine for us and support bootp.

Are you using the stock Bootpd from QNX4? Does your card use bootp or the newer PXE agent? I’ve had some trouble trying to get that to work. Matter of fact I never did.

I’ll ask the admin, I think it’s PXE.

I haven’t figured out how to configure our QNX 4 network to use PXE yet. I used to have bootp working fine before, but if I can configure PXE, we’ll be able to use the onboard network cards.

Is there a step by step resource I can use help me configure this beast?

We had good experience with Intel EtherExpress pro 100. Make sure the chip set is one of 82557, 82558 or 82559. Netgear FA310TX also worked well but they are not being made anymore. We did not use bootp though.

I got the info how to get the Intel EtherExpress pro 100 to support bootp. If anyone is interested I can provide the info (it’s a tad messy)

I’m interested. please.