to view information about PCI devices we use #pci

there is a similar solution for the ISA devices? if not, how can I check ISA cards on my system?(c/c++ functions too)


As far as I know, I don’t think there is anything like that with ISA. So this is what I do:
There must be a I/O memory address that you can map with your ISA card (like a registry, or some built in memory in memory in ISA). In your code, you would use “mmap_device_io” to map this memory address and check if you can map that address and also read or write something to it depending on what that address is using “in() or out()”.

No, there is no command similar to pci for ISA devices. ISA bus was designed to be plug’n’play from begining. P’n’P protocols were added much later and just a few devices support that (ISA P’n’P devices). Generally, not a system assign resources (I/O addr, memory addr, IRQ lines, DMA channels) for a particular ISA device, but a technichian installing the ISA card into computer (by provided jumpers on the ISA legacy board). So, detecting ISA devices is not a trivial task at all. QNX uses different kinds of enumerators with are spawned by enum-devices. From a console, you can get a lot of useful info by starting ‘enum-devices -vvvn’. Probably it’s better to collect all information to file like ‘enum-devices -n -vvv 2>devlist.txt’

Sorry, I meant was NOT designed (as opposite to PCI bus).