XC Xerces-C and Boost, missing header files

Hi list,

I am trying to cross compile the Xerces-C XML parser for QNX using the QNX Momentics 6.3.0 cross compiler on windows. The build process works fine until some header file wants to include iconv.h which is not installed anywhere on my system. Shouldn’t this header file come with the standard library?

I experience a similar problem when cross compiling the boost library, which can’t include the nl_types.h header file.

Any ideas where to get one of these header files from appreciated!

Greets Rico

iconv can be found at:

mike.qnx.org.ru/qopencd/qprs/ico … public.qpr


Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I am compiling for shle-nto-qnx so I ended up compiling iconv and gettext myself.

Greets Rico

Hallo haukero,

Like you I’m trying to port the xerces-c XML parser on qnx for the
sh platform.

Can you tell me how I have to setup an QNX Momentics IDE project and what precompiler definitions I have to use??? Which libraries I have to compile too, (iconv you have mentioned)

Thanks a lot!!!