./configure generates "/lib/cpp" fails sanity chec

I working off a new install of 6.2.1 NC and I’m trying to compile Python 2.3b2. When I run ./configure, I get the following error:

configure: error: C preprocessor “/lib/cpp” fails sanity check

Any suggestions or pointers for resolving this?



Do you have the x86 Momentics packages installed from your NC disc?

The Momentics package is installed. Since it could be a quirk of Python’s configure script, I will try a few other packages.

Can you recommend a “generic” program that is know to compile cleanly?



Python 2.2.3 works fine. The problem appears to be with 2.3b2.

I’ll download it and check it out sometime soon.

I spoke too soon about 2.2.3 working fine. The ./configure works fine, and the core interpreter is build correctly, but when the extension modules are built, “make” fails.

Following is where the errors start:

case $MAKEFLAGS in
-s) CC=‘gcc’ LDSHARED=‘ld’ OPT=’-DNDEBUG -g -O3 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes’ ./python -E ./setup.py -q build;;
*) CC=‘gcc’ LDSHARED=‘ld’ OPT=’-DNDEBUG -g -O3 -Wall -Wstrict-prototypes’ ./python -E ./setup.py build;;
running build
running build_ext
building ‘struct’ extension
pthread_cond_signal: No such file or directory
ld: warning: cannot find entry symbol _start; defaulting to 08048074
build/temp.qnx-6.2.1-x86pc-2.2/structmodule.o: In function get_pylong': /s/py/Modules/structmodule.c:90: undefined reference to PyInt_Type’
/s/py/Modules/structmodule.c:90: undefined reference to `PyInt_Type’

Thanks in advance for any advice,


Don’t build a threading python. It won’t work.

It still won’t successfully build the extension modules. All I’ve done is:

./configure --without-threads

It builds the basic Python interpreter, but fails to build the extension module. I’m using Python 2.2.3