help of system update


My primary softwares were wrote on the QNX4.24 OS before.
Now , I want to update OS Version to compatible with new hardware , but i don’t know which is the newest QNX RTOS at present , please tell me.

Otherwise , I will replant my software to compatible with new OS , where are literatures or infomation with regard to software replant on QNX , please tell me.

Eagerly hope for your early reply. Thanks a lot.

The newest version is QNX 6.3, you can download it from, but some features are limited for one month. After that, you have to pay.

Read this line to know more about it.

There are a migration guide from QNX 4 to QNX Neutrino (search in the developer support center of qnx,

You can see also the hardware compatible with the newest version of the QNX operating system in: … index.html

In the web ( you can find also all the manuals.

I hope it helps.