Under 6.0 (Patch C), the function pthread_sleepon_timedwait()

  • Has incorrect documentation (text is unclear, example has wrong arguments)
  • Is not in the public CVS repository (or at least I can’t find it)
  • Doesn’t seem to work (the timeout doesn’t ever fire)

Any comments? Is this fixed in 6.1?

I thought I could get around this by calling TimerTimeout() followed by
pthread_sleepon_wait(), but I figure that won’t work since TimerTimeout() is
a one-shot and it would apply to the release of the mutex not the actual
wait for the condvar? Or would this work after-all?

Or is the recommendation that I just give up on using the sleepon functions
and go direct for the cond functions (and manage my own mutex)?

Rob Rutherford
Ruzz Technology