How to reduce the C++ code size in 6.1?

Hi, All:

When using Dinkum and enabling exceptions under 6.1, it reveals that both
the code and data size for many of my projects are increased significantly
compared with that in 6.0 (Gnu libs + no exceptions).

Here are a few example, they are built in release, the compiler flags:
-shared -O2 -Wc,Wall,-march=pentium,-fno-rtti,
while linker flags: -lang-c++ -Wl,–strip-all

Prokject_A code: 826k, data: 150K | code: 273k; data:

Prokject_B code: 434K; Data: | 118K code: 239k;
data: 53k

Lib.a code: 1.29M (without rtti, 1.22M), | data: 275K code:
548K, data: 71k

Lib.b code: 496k, data: 99k | code: 201k,

I was told there are some notes on the web on how to reduce the size, but I
failed to find them, does anybody know where they are? Thanks.