Can't Even get QNX to load from CDROM

I can’t even get QNX running off the CD. When it starts… it laods and
stuff, then it displays this dialog asking me to confirm info about my video
card. And before I can do anything it locks up. I’m guessing it’s one of
two things, QNX just aint made to run on my computer, my USB mouse is
fuckin somethin up.

Also, does anyone know of any (REAL BASIC, im a QNX NEWBIE), instructions on
how to start qnx on a Promise ATA100. I know everyone thinks it can’t be
done, but I garauntee it can. I know the memory addresses of the IDE
controller, and I know the card can be access the same way a regular IDE
can, I just need to know how to specify where it looks for drives.