question about qnx composing

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I’m a novice to qnx.I want to know which part compose qnx6.3 os , and what is their uses.For example : TDK ,Source kits, and so on.

how to get TDK and Source Kits ?

TDK and Source Kits is free and no license term?
Can they update freely?

TDK, BSP, etc are extras, you will have to pay extra even if you have purchased QNX 6.3 OS.
Of course, if you are using the free/evaluation version of QNX 6.3, you won’t have TDK, etc.

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Do you mean that TDK, BSP etc aren’t QNX 6.3 OS component?
if i want to get new TDK, BSP ,i have to pay?
Are Source Kits QNX 6.3 OS component ?
by the way ,how to use CF card(type 1 or 2) on qnx4.24 os?
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Whole a suit of QNX6.3 is composed of which components

The Welcome to QNX Momentics guide describes BSPs, TDKs, and so on. If you can’t find it in the online documentation on your system, you can look on the QNX website:

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i want to know whether via embedded series processer compatible with qnx6.3 , (for example:VIA eden-n , VIA eden esp , VIA c3-m , VIA c3 ,and so on)

by the way , i want to know whether via Twister-T(VT8606+VT82C686B) chipset compatible with qnx6.3 or qnx4.24

please tell me
thanks in advance