tar/Package Manager problems

I seem to have got some strange problems with tar on my 6.1 machine.
When installing software packages (tried both QSSL’s anc Cogent’s)
I get the error
“An error occured when expanding: /pkgs/… (tar exit code=2)”

When trying to install an emacs tgz package from Cogent I got the more explicit errors:
“tar: share: Cannot change mode to 0775: not supported”,
and some
“tar: share: Cannot chown to uid 0 gid 0: not supported”,
and finally
“tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors.”

I have no clue, but I found out that /usr/local (perhaps the target for many
app installations) is owner 320 and group 120 instead of owner root and
group sys/bin/root/adm.

Any ideas?

Cheers / Tomas

Another anomaly: df gives strange results IMHO:

df /usr/local

/pkgs/repository 0 0 0 100% /

df /etc

/pkgs/base/qnx/o 0 0 0 100% /

df /pkgs/base

/fs/hd0-dos/Prog 110180 109255 925 100% /pkgs/base

df /home/tomas

/fs/hd0-dos/Prog 4096000 2811756 1284244 69% /

Cheers / Tom

Any idea? I am trying to manually clean up. I could remove /usr/local/share (of course
copying all content first), but cannot remove /usr/local/man. I am root.
rm and mv gives “operation not permitted”. chmod and chown gives
“Not supported”. /usr/local/man and subdirectories are
owned by 320 and belongs to group 120 (which I don’t recognize)

Under /usr/local bin, jed, man and share are 320/120. AbiSuite is 360/120.
The rest is root/root. I think this is related with the Package Manager.