where can download Net.rtl

i want to download 8139 chip driver(Net.rtl),
please tell me download website.


You have to pay for any QNX 4 component.
Contact the support qnx.com/company/contact/

I think Net.rtl followed in a 4.25 update, 4.25 patchsets are i believe a free upgrade for QNX4 (if you have bought a version of QNX4 already of course).

hi all :
i want to know whether via embedded series processer compatible with qnx4.24 , (for example:VIA eden-n , VIA eden esp , VIA c3-m , VIA c3 ,and so on)

by the way , i want to know whether via Twister-T(VT8606+VT82C686B) chipset compatible with qnx4.24

please tell me
thanks in advance