cdrtools photon GUI

would anyone be interested in a port of cdrtools with a nice native and rather simplistic photon GUI?or is there a way to burn cd’s from qnx as is?

Are you working on one? Cdrecord already works with Neutrino but there is no GUI atm ;-)


i am debating on creating a use friendly gui and makeing sure that cdrtools stays up to date and waht not. i dont have time now but since summer is almost here i am hoping time will free up.

What about DVD recording? That would be neat.

poundsmack1, read your private messages, there is one waiting for you.

does anyone know who hard it would be to mabey port bashburn? i am still new to qnx programing so i would want to start out easyish.

oh and fmartens, i got your message you have one back now