midi player for qnx 6.3?

Hi everyone!

Is ther a way play old good .midi files on QNX 6.3? Players included with the system refuse to recognise this format. … Any ideas? Maybe some libraries are missing?

Thanks in advance.


doesnt the standard QNX media player play midi by default?

unfortunately, qnxplayer, phplay and mmplay do not support this format in my 6.3 system. Maybe this is the same problem like making them play mp3? Some libs are missing, but which ones?

It supports midi. AFAIK QNX 6.3 uses some early timidity in it’s worst case. Very very ugly midi support. All that you need - read help about midi (just search for midi in help, but not in topic - in text), write the config file, find and download the gravis ultrasound patches (they are can be huge). It works, tested (C).

Of course no. As for mp3 - you just do not have an mp3 decoder, which is shiped with Multimedia TDK.