Dynamic number of names (devices) in resource manager???

Hi All!

I have a problem with a resource manager where I have one device present at
all times and another that should
be activated when a specific condition is met.

I’ve seen a post about this sometime ago but I never found an answer.

the sequence I want to have is as follows:


in device1.devctl // in a thread pool thread
do device2.resmgr_attach

The two devices are supposed to share the same dispatch handle.

The return value I get is -1 with errno set to 22 (invalid argument)

I’ve tried resmgr_attach prior to starting the thread pool and then
everything seems to work.
Should this work

If this does not work is there a way of initially create the second resource
manager with
the device name in the name space deactivated. When my condition is met I
can then simply activate the device.

I saw a note where it from v 6.10 was possible to shut down the thread-pool
without leakig memory.
The problem I have is that I may need to use a version prior to 6.10

Thanx for any information on this


Jerker Christopherson