Mount point weirdness...

…or may be it’s perfectly normal, but I’m missing something important,
but take a look at the session below. a.out is a program, that opens its
first argument ant performs two “devctl” calls to find out to which file
system the file belongs and there the filesystem is mounted.

bash-2.05$ ./a.out /fs/hd1-dos
Mounted ON: /net/
Mounted AT: /net/

bash-2.05$ ls /net/
ls: No route to host (/net/

bash-2.05$ ./a.out /fs/hd1-dos
Mounted ON: /dev/hd1t12
Mounted AT: /fs/hd1-dos/

The questions is why the results are different, which one is correct,
and how to make it produce same result always? Because my network card
(on MX98715 chip) is apparently not supported, my network settings are
screwed up,but that should not affect local file systems, should it?

Any help with the issue would be highly appreciated.