[newbie] Where is QNX Neutrino 6.3?

Hi, I am new to QNX. I just got a QNX Momentics 6.3 Windows host for evaluation. All documentation from QNX said that there is a “QNX neutrino” CD (I believe that is the QNX OS itself) but failed to found it.

Moveover, I have little experience on Windows CE. When I run the QNX Momentics IDE, I feel that is very similar to WinCE platform builder. However, there is noway for me to add features in order to construct a boot image of QNX Neutrino.

So, how can I get start evaluate QNX? I don’t know how to proceed… :frowning:

You have downloaded the wrong CD. You need “QNX 6.3 x86 for self hosted” for QNX Neutrino. Download this and burn CD and boot than install Neutrino.
For building Custom Boot Image check the following links.

qnx.com/developers/articles/ … 310_3.html
qnx.com/developers/articles/ … 311_3.html

Also you can find some articles in Neutrino Help for building Boot images.



Just one more quick question:

Is there any tools similar to VB or Delphi etc to build GUI application? It seems that the QNX Momentrics IDE doesn’t support this.

I’m not sure but I’ve seen one in Neutrino with the name “Application Builder” it comes with default installation.

The Photon Application Builder is what you are looking for.

villeo,where did you get a QNX Momentics 6.3 Windows host for evaluation? Could you tell me? I have been looking for it a long time , but I failed.Thank you very much!!

QNX 6.3 for Windows host can be found at qnx.com/download/group.html?programid=10348

If you plan to use it professionally try Tilcon, I use it and I am satisfied. You can get an evaluation from them if I remember right . .