how to create a link to application ?

HI, i created an application wich works well, no errors in compiling, and during runtime.
To run my application i open a terminal, move to the correct directory using “cd path”, then “./application” what i want to do is to create a link to this app. so with a simple click i can run my app.

I already added in the shelf my app, but when i click on it, it opens and then sudenly closes it self, i cant figure out why…

is there a way to make a link to an application ? any1 here can helpme out ?

or at least some one kowns how can i make a file like those “.bat” from windows, like a script that i can run from the terminal.

thanks for your help. // Marcopolo

hi i created the shell script to run my application, now what i want to do is to add it into the shelf and that work.

i put into the shelf an type “launch application” and linked it to my sxecutable script, but it doesn’t launch my application :frowning:

i also tried to launch a ptern with my ascript as a parameter but dind’t work, here’s what i did:
/usr/photom/bin/pterm myscript
also tried
/usr/photom/bin/pterm ./myscript

any1 have some ideas?

Does your script have “#!/bin/sh” as the first line ? or alternatively, you could try:

“/usr/photon/bin/pterm sh /full/path/to/myscript”

hi thanks for ur response, and nope, my script dont have “#!/bin/sh” ill try it out, also the other option.

ill post if it works. thanks // Marcopolo

Try using ln … /l/ln.html

hi, i used what u say “/usr/photon/bin/pterm sh /full/path/to/myscript”
and it worked fine. thanks

also i checked ur link grillosolitario, thanks