[bug] "pidin info" returns double-timezone-fixed BootTime

SYSTEM: RTP 6.1.0A on x86

When RTC is set for localtime (rtc -l hw), BootTime shown in
“pidin info” is timezone-fixed twice; e.g
if I’m using “TZ=jst-09”, “pidin info” will show 18 hours ahead of
the actual boottime.

According to “pidin” source in CVS, “pidin info” seems to

boot_time = _SYSPAGE_ENTRY(sysinfo, qtime)->boot_time;
strftime(buffer, sizeof buffer, “%b %d %T %Z %Y”, localtime(&boot_time));

I guess “procnto” just fills in the “->boot_time” in hardware RTC time, so
if RTC is set to localtime (rtc -l hw), another localtime() will overfix it;
hence double-timezone-fixed BootTime.

Setting RTC to GMT (as in traditional UNIX) will not cause this problem.

Yea I know setting RTC to local isn’t “correct” but many people
do that for Windoze dualbooting…